Speakeasy Jazz Cats @ Eleven Winery
Apr 28 @ 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Speakeasy Jazz Cats @ Eleven Winery | Bainbridge Island | Washington | United States

You knock on the green thick wooden door in the alley. The street lamp flickers on and off. A small panel in the door slides back and a pair of eyes appear accompanied by a hushed voice: “Do you have the password?”. “Jazzcats” you reply and the door swings open. As you stroll into the smoky speakeasy, the tawdry light of the chandelier illuminates the glamorous late-night socialites dancing, flirting and drinking sazeracs, absinthe and gin, as giddy wisps of clarinet cry and the trombone moans and the rhythm, that rhythm, and rasping voice carries you on a red haze transporting you from trouble and strife. It’s the Speakeasy Jazz Cats and they are red hot tonight!

Winery open 12-5pm; Live music from 1-4pm.

Steve Nagle @ Eleven Winery
May 5 @ 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Steve Nagle @ Eleven Winery | Bainbridge Island | Washington | United States

Come join us at Eleven Winery for live music, wine tastings and light hors d’oeuvres. On Saturday, we’ll feature live music from guitarist Steve Nagle. We love hosting Steve at the winery because he has a knack for creating a humorous, lighthearted environment that inspires conversation and good times. 

Winery open 12-5pm; Live music from 1-4pm.

Give a listen to Steve:

Kareem Kandi @ Eleven Winery
May 12 @ 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Kareem Kandi @ Eleven Winery | Bainbridge Island | Washington | United States

Kareem is performer, composer, and educator who grew up in the northwest with its vibrant music scene. Kandi studied with, listened to and performed with world class jazz artists residing in the area and he can be heard playing with his band, The Kareem Kandi Band. He is an artist in residence at The Tacoma School of the Arts and conducts masterclasses and workshops at schools around the Puget Sound area. You can hear a sample of his music here: https://soundcloud.com/kareem-kandi

Don’t miss your opportunity to hear this world-class jazz musician at the winery! Come join us, won’t you? Give a listen to Kareem! 

Winery open 12-5pm; Live music from 1-4pm.


Deseo Carmin @ Eleven Winery
May 13 @ 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Deseo Carmin @ Eleven Winery | Bainbridge Island | Washington | United States

Deseo Carmin is a fiery fusion of latin, jazz/rock with spicy flamenco. Original music as well as sultry arrangements on favorite Latin, Brazilian and Spanish songs.

DESEO CARMIN plays a sultry fusion of Latin/Flamenco/Funk music -“Spanish music with an edge”. The band has been mostly performing in the Seattle area for the past 10 years and their music has already transcended borders as far as Latin America where they currently receive radio play at radio stations in Paraguay and Chile. Throughout the years they have performed at several well-known venues and events such as World Rhythm and Folklife Festivals. Their music has been featured in local radio stations as well as NBC’s King 5, Seattle Channel and KCTS Channel 9’s “Arts Zone”.

They were selected as one of the featured performing artists in the Seattle.gov website and their music featured in “Seattle on Hold”. They are proud to have been nominated for a music award in 2011 at the New Music Seminar Artists on the Verge (AOV) project which takes place in Los Angeles, CA. “AOV” identifies the 100 artists most ready to break each year and it’s a great achievement for DESEO CARMIN to have been nominated to this exclusive list from millions of artists throughout the US.

The winery is open from 12-5pm, live music from 1-4pm.

Champagne Sunday @ Eleven Winery
May 19 @ 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Champagne Sunday @ Eleven Winery | Bainbridge Island | Washington | United States

Endearingly labeled as “Pearl Jam meets Bette Midler”, Champagne Sunday began in Ventura, CA, in 2005 migrating up to the Pacific Northwest in recent years. Husband and wife members Jessi and Jared Fredeen have been tearing up stages and crowds nationwide with their unique upbeat, roller coaster style shows, firing off gypsy-punk rock songs alongside everything from intimate tear-jerkers to anthemic foot-stompers. Described by Leanne Rimes as “the best band I’ve seen that’s not yet famous”, this act has a ton of energy, heart, and talent that makes for an engaging, powerful show.

Winery open 12-5pm. Live music 1-4pm.  

Dmitri Matheny @ Eleven Winery
May 26 @ 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Dmitri Matheny @ Eleven Winery | Bainbridge Island | Washington | United States

“Dmitri Matheny is a jazz treasure. The lyrical Matheny has impressive chops, but it’s his warmth and soulfulness that win you over.”—All Music Guide

Acclaimed for his warm tone, soaring lyricism and masterful technique, American flugelhornist DMITRI MATHENY has been lauded as “one of the most emotionally expressive improvisers of his generation” (International Review of Music).

An honors graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Dmitri Matheny vaulted onto the jazz scene in the 1990s as the protégé of jazz legend Art Farmer. Since then he has garnered critical acclaim and a loyal international following, touring extensively throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, traveling to 19 countries. With over 100 recordings to his credit, Dmitri Matheny has released 11 albums as a leader. His latest is Jazz Noir, a fresh spin on crime jazz, film noir movie themes and timeless classics. The San Francisco Chronicle calls Matheny “one of the jazz world’s most talented horn players.” 

Winery open 12-5pm. Live music 1-4pm.  

The Ginger Ups @ Eleven Winery
Jun 2 @ 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
The Ginger Ups @ Eleven Winery | Bainbridge Island | Washington | United States

The new original music of long-time partners and co-songwriters Jennifer Spector & Dave Tieman draws inspiration from their favorites… 50’s jazz, 60’s cocktail culture, 70’s classic tunesmiths, 80’s pop and 90’s modern folk. They are crafting songs that are both fresh and timeless featuring David’s exceptional musicianship on guitar/bass, Jennifer’s emotive & beautifully unique vocals, and their distinctive harmonies together.

Winery open 12-5pm; Live music from 1-4pm.

Kristen Marlo @ Eleven Winery
Jun 23 @ 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Kristen Marlo @ Eleven Winery | Bainbridge Island | Washington | United States

Singer/songwriter Kristen Marlo began singing before she could talk, and hasn’t stopped since.

She is a classically trained vocalist and self-taught guitarist, but also an accomplished composer and lyricist. She is a United States Air Force veteran. The inspiration for her prolific songwriting comes from a passion for new experiences; her work covers the full range of human emotion, from love and lust to rage and revenge.

The last few years have seen her touring the US extensively in support of two independently released EPs and a live LP. Her broad appeal is reflected in the eclectic list of internationally known American artists she’s opened for, including Sara Bareilles, Joshua Radin, Matt Hires, Eric Hutchinson, Allen Stone, April Smith, Fanfarlo, The Bravery, Gary Jules, folk singer Todd Snider, country artist Eric Church and others. Likewise, her music is featured on a score of compilations and her backing vocals can be found on dozens of other artists’ releases.

Winery open 12-5pm; Live music from 1-4pm.

Larry Murante @ Eleven Winery
Jul 14 @ 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Larry Murante @ Eleven Winery | Bainbridge Island | Washington | United States

Larry Murantes beautifully woven stories about everyday folks, set to song combine compassionate, socially conscious lyrics and an upbeat, joyful, energetic folk/rock style.

Jackson Brown, Lyle Lovett, Hal Ketchum and Michael McDonald are all reflected in his music. Larry is known for his soaring, mellifluous, tenor, a strong rhythmic guitar style, and an engaging stage presence. With his third CD release, Point Of Entry, Murante has racked up a fresh string of accolades, the most notable being the Grand Prize Winner in the folk category of the international John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Larry was also a finalist in the prestigious Kerrville Grassyhill Newfolk Song Competition in Kerrville, Texas, the International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA) and a recent winner of the West Coast Songwriters International Songwriting Contest. He was also selected as a Premier Showcase Artist at the Far West Folk Alliance Conference in 2010 and 2011 and an official showcase Artist at the 2010 North American Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis.

Murante is known for his story songs about everyday folks: a veterans impassioned display of the American Flag, or the backyard mechanic/Vietnam vet who comes to terms with his life, or the preacher’s wife who haunts the parsonage of a small Northwest town. With his soaring, mellifluous, tenor, a strong rhythmic guitar style, and an engaging stage presence, this is sure to be a show you won’t want to miss! Larry will be playing songs from his past CDs as well as songs from his newest release, Point Of Entry.

Larry tours nationally, performing a mix of folk concerts, festivals, radio interviews and house concerts and has shared the stage with such artists as Peter Mulvey, Christine Lavin, Greg Greenway, Pierce Pettis, David Broza, Alice Stewart, Cosy Sheridan, Laura Love, Bill Morrissey, Darryl Purpose, TR

Winery open 12-5pm; Live music from 1-4pm.

Echo Drop @ Eleven Winery
Aug 25 @ 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Echo Drop @ Eleven Winery | Bainbridge Island | Washington | United States

This dynamic husband-and-wife duo met many moons ago while on tour. (We won’t bore you with the sappy details … just know that they’re sappy.)

Echo Drop’s better half, Jill Mitchell, is an avid bookworm, songwriter, pianist, guitarist, producer and even has her certification as a Starbucks coffee master–no kidding!

Singing professionally on stage and in the studio for 15 years Jill has had the honor of performing alongside many of music’s legends including rock icons Trooper and Rik Emmett (Triumph).

Jill has a 4-year B.A. in music and creative writing and has studied with many celebrity vocal coaches including:

Owen “Fiidla” Brown (Mary J. Blige, Wyclef Jean)
Giovanna Gattuso (Venice Vocal Academy)
John Deaver (Cher, Sara Bareilles)

In addition, Jill is a celebrated vocal coach in her own right and is currently working on her first instructional book.

Playing drums professionally for over 18 years, Sean has shared the stage with many of music’s legendary performers including:
Shania Twain
Billy Cobham (Miles Davis, George Duke, James Brown)
Pete Lockett (Peter Gabriel, Robert Plant, Amy Winehouse)
Bruce Kulick (Kiss)
Liberty DeVitto (Billy Joel)
Danny Seraphine (Chicago, CTA)

Sean is also a songwriter, bassist and in-demand studio/session drummer. He has studied under many drumming giants including:

Dom Famularo (international drum clinician)
Mitch Dorge (Crash Test Dummies)
Zoro (Lenny Kravitz).

To quote the legendary Ron Burgundy, Sean is “kind of a big deal” in the drumming world, as the publisher of the globally read online drum magazine The Black Page (www.theblackpage.net).

Winery open 12-5pm; Live music from 1-4pm.

Champagne Sunday @ Eleven Winery
Sep 8 @ 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Champagne Sunday @ Eleven Winery | Bainbridge Island | Washington | United States

One of our favs, Champagne Sunday, is back at the winery!

Powerful, honest, edgy, and refreshingly original, Champagne Sunday attacks the stage with a show that is heartfelt, engaging, and performed with a desperate enthusiasm and chemistry seldom seen in today’s rock bands. Champagne Sunday transcends genre enough to create their own, coalescing the multi-genre tastes of today’s fickle audiences into a catalog that defies traditional definition.

Formed in 2005 by founding members Jared and Jessi Fredeen (then, Jessi Reems-Terrell), Champagne Sunday has always been accused of a severe “uniqueness” that is based upon both the uniting of the vastly opposing backgrounds of Jared, a 90’s grunge-rock follower, and Jessi, a pop and musical theatre enthusiast, as well as the revolving door of flavors provided by at least 10 other members.

The band’s line- up morphed several times over the past 7 years, from a 5-piece electric to a 3-piece acoustic trio, a 4-piece electric, to a 5-piece electric to, currently, the 2-piece duo, with various instrumentation ranging from acoustic guitar to piano, with trombone, ukulele, harmonica, and squeezebox. The transitions of members brought many different influences, forcing the band to remain open to new genres and experiment with several styles. However, because the core of the band remained the same throughout these changes, the “Champagne Sunday sound” remained prevalent within any and all of the avenues the band traveled.

And travel they did. From 2007-2010, Champagne Sunday made their name known in big and small towns across the US, from Monterey, CA to Chapel Hill, NC, Cave Creek, AZ to Cape May, NJ. They have played at bus stops in Tacoma, WA and sang for the “Marfa Lights” of Marfa, TX. Champagne Sunday has wowed crowds of 2000 and shared intimate moments with one riveted coffeehouse patron. Their ability to put on a Grammy-worthy performance wherever they are is just one of the many qualities that keep fans returning.

With the release of their new cd, “Heaven Knows”, Champagne Sunday completes their highly anticipated fourth album and gets ready to tour once again. “Heaven Knows” is a full-length cd, tagging along behind their ’09 EP release, “Random Acts of Blindness”, the ‘08 release of “North”, and their first cd as a band, the ’06 “Make It Mine”. They have toured with each cd, expanding their audience and gaining fans each step of the way.

Champagne Sunday has had many opportunities to quit and hasn’t. Why? When you see them, you’ll know. You’ll get it. And you’ll be grateful.

Winery open 12-5pm. Live music 1-4pm.