Champagne Sunday @ Eleven Winery
Nov 12 @ 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Champagne Sunday @ Eleven Winery | Bainbridge Island | Washington | United States

One of our favs, Champagne Sunday, is back at the winery!

Powerful, honest, edgy, and refreshingly original, Champagne Sunday attacks the stage with a show that is heartfelt, engaging, and performed with a desperate enthusiasm and chemistry seldom seen in today’s rock bands. Champagne Sunday transcends genre enough to create their own, coalescing the multi-genre tastes of today’s fickle audiences into a catalog that defies traditional definition.

Formed in 2005 by founding members Jared and Jessi Fredeen (then, Jessi Reems-Terrell), Champagne Sunday has always been accused of a severe “uniqueness” that is based upon both the uniting of the vastly opposing backgrounds of Jared, a 90’s grunge-rock follower, and Jessi, a pop and musical theatre enthusiast, as well as the revolving door of flavors provided by at least 10 other members.

The band’s line- up morphed several times over the past 7 years, from a 5-piece electric to a 3-piece acoustic trio, a 4-piece electric, to a 5-piece electric to, currently, the 2-piece duo, with various instrumentation ranging from acoustic guitar to piano, with trombone, ukulele, harmonica, and squeezebox. The transitions of members brought many different influences, forcing the band to remain open to new genres and experiment with several styles. However, because the core of the band remained the same throughout these changes, the “Champagne Sunday sound” remained prevalent within any and all of the avenues the band traveled.

And travel they did. From 2007-2010, Champagne Sunday made their name known in big and small towns across the US, from Monterey, CA to Chapel Hill, NC, Cave Creek, AZ to Cape May, NJ. They have played at bus stops in Tacoma, WA and sang for the “Marfa Lights” of Marfa, TX. Champagne Sunday has wowed crowds of 2000 and shared intimate moments with one riveted coffeehouse patron. Their ability to put on a Grammy-worthy performance wherever they are is just one of the many qualities that keep fans returning.

With the release of their new cd, “Heaven Knows”, Champagne Sunday completes their highly anticipated fourth album and gets ready to tour once again. “Heaven Knows” is a full-length cd, tagging along behind their ’09 EP release, “Random Acts of Blindness”, the ‘08 release of “North”, and their first cd as a band, the ’06 “Make It Mine”. They have toured with each cd, expanding their audience and gaining fans each step of the way.

Champagne Sunday has had many opportunities to quit and hasn’t. Why? When you see them, you’ll know. You’ll get it. And you’ll be grateful.

Winery open 12-5pm. Live music 1-4pm.  

Sundae & Mr. Goessl @ Eleven Winery
Dec 2 @ 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Sundae & Mr. Goessl @ Eleven Winery | Bainbridge Island | Washington | United States

A delightful throwback to a time when music was the entertainment, Sundae + Mr. Goessl perform a wide variety of vintage jazz. With Sundae’s sparkling personality, she almost reaches out to grab the audience as she sings and her melodica solos are out of this world. Mr. Goessl’s impeccable jazz guitar work is nothing short of incredible and although he doesn’t talk, he speaks to the listeners through his instrument. Lighthearted yet heartfelt, Sundae and Mr. Goessl are sure to leave an impression. 

Sundae + Mr. Goessl play a variety of venues with a wonderful mix of tunes ranging from 1930-1960. From small wedding ceremonies to opera houses, this duo has done it all! With so much experience (over 500 shows!) and their very own pro sound system, it’s no wonder they are in such high demand nationally.

Winery open 12-5pm; Live music from 1-4pm.