Late Harvest Viognier for $11

Dessert wines are some of the world’s most prestigious wines, and we believe our Late Harvest Viognier is no exception. Lush, aromatic, and golden in color, our Late Harvest Viognier is elegance in a bottle!

While many might think of a dessert wine as an after dinner holiday choice, they also shine when paired with savory foods such as an aged cheese plate, foie gras, or a pear & gorgonzola ravioli (or tart or galette!). For a sweeter pairing, try pumpkin pies, Roquefort cheesecakes, or a rich creamy crème brûlée.

Laughter and candlelight will sparkle in the festive hues of our Late Harvest Viognier!

Add this versatile wine to your Thanksgiving table for just $11 through Thanksgiving!