Eleven Wine Cheese Pairings

With Bainbridge Island’s infamous event; Wine On The Rock just around the corner, we thought we’d get everyone excited about this event’s theme; WINE AND CHEESE! I mean, who doesn’t love a good cheese pairing? There are so many different types of cheeses in the world it’s so hard to find the perfect compliment to your favorite glass of wine, so we thought we’d assist you in the decision making the process for your next spring picnic! Make your way down to our tasting room, pick up a bottle, and you’re set!

Here are a few of our favorite cheese pairings with our GREAT wines:


Goat cheese already has such a unique flavor but once you add some spice from the peppercorns, it becomes next level. Sauvignon blanc pairs with so many foods already. Our 2018 La Donella has a delicate, complex nose of pear, granny smith apple, lemon blossom, straw, sage, and eucalyptus. The light brightness of the nose is delightful but is also a bit of a decoy, for the wine itself is intense and full-bodied. Pair it with the creamy Chevre (regardless if it has peppercorn or not, you will be the hit of the next backyard party).  Chef JJ of Wanderlust NW Catering Co. says, “the moderate sweetness makes La Donella a killer pairing for fruit with cheese, and this is absolutely your go-to bottle for Thai and some Chinese food, as well as salty sausages and vegetables off the grill.”



“An aged cheddar or other aged hard cheese is a dynamite accompaniment to this beauty. Also, pairs well with a Bainbridge Island Sunset”. Though we haven’t officially released this bottle yet, we thought we would prep you for this summer. The White Mourvedre was in the club release (Early White Mourvedre picnics for club members!). Aged cheddar isn’t just cheese – it’s a work of art. … As cheddar ages, it goes from mild to sharp, developing a tangier taste and transforms the texture and intensify the flavor. Our White Mourvedre is also a work of art. These two pairings could go into an art gallery… If only we could eat and drink art…


Many of us have enjoyed some type of Gouda in our lives… Aged Gouda has a life-altering flavor that can be both sharp and sweet. It is a beautiful hard cheese that doesn’t come in that classic red wax covering, but a natural colored rind… Inside this aged cheese you will feel a texture like salt crystals. With aging, Gouda develops calcium lactate crystals that are formed by the lactic acid in the cheese. It provides an enjoyable crunch that is unique to aged cheeses. The umami flavor of the cheese compliments our 2016 Syrah just like your best friend compliments you. The 2016 Syrah from Elephant Mountain Vineyard is a rich, concentrated, smooth, and delicious wine with good balance and great nose/mouth harmony. Dark red with a ruby rim, it has a strong scent of cherries, red currants, and nectarines, with hints of tart citrus, bacon, violets, baking spice, and pinewood. All these smells carry onto the palate, deepened and transformed with the round, lush, and concentrated texture: cherry, tart berry syrup, smoked pork, even a hint of something like chocolate or sun-dried tomato which the wine’s good acidity carries into a delightful chewiness.


Our 2017 Pinot Grigio is a delightful bright gold wine that is lively, fresh and full of fruit.  The nose is packed with ripe peaches, melon, pear and orange blossom, with hints of vanilla and caramel. In the mouth, the peach and melon flavors continue and are joined by alpine strawberries, sage. Due to the fact that our Pinot Grigio is packed full of flavor, it deserves a mild, soft cheese that enhances its earthy flavors. Mozzarella or even burrata is an excellent choice. We suggest a serving mozzarella with a few slices of tomatoes, basil, and a drizzle of olive oil paired with your Eleven Pinot Grigio.



This Syrah-based port-style dessert wine embodies rich flavors of black currant, licorice, and spice that make this wine an exceptional companion to Blue Cheese. Yes, we know that typically port style wine’s best friend is chocolate, but it’s always nice to switch it up! Blue cheeses such as Stilton, Roquefort, Gorgonzola or Fourme d’Ambert are ideal cheese pairings for our Sweet Sarah. Complimenting your cheese board and dessert wine, try adding red grapes, black fruit or walnuts. This will make your paring multidimensional!


There you have it. Some awesome suggestions for your next get-together picnic! If you’re looking to try more of our wines with local cheeses, do not forget to register for May’s Wine On The Rock event! The event is two days of wine and local cheese pairings at five of Bainbridge Island wineries. Wine On The Rock is happening over Mother’s Day Weekend and could be the perfect way to treat your mom. The event will take place at each winery on Bainbridge Island from 12-5pm Saturday & Sunday. Ticket purchase is good for both days (one visit at each winery) and includes: a special event wine glass, a 4 bottle wine tote,  wine tastings at each of the wineries (20 different wines total), and cheese to complement the wine!