Give the gift of wine from Bainbridge!

Shopping for dozens of gifts, sewing the perfect costume for your child’s grand debut in the holiday play, and dealing with difficult relatives can be a bit overwhelming during the holidays. Clearly, you need wine. Your friends and relatives need wine. We have put together some terrific gift sets to make it easy for you to give them the delicious wine they need.

Our Eleven Winery Signature bike set gift set includes our two signature bike wines – 2016 Ratio:Rosso & 2016 Ratio:Blanco. The Ratio Rosso is a lively, appealing blend of Mourvèdre, Lemberger, and Syrah, with just a hint of Viognier. The Ratio Blanco is a blend of Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc, it is bright, fruity and refreshing, with a marvelous aroma combining floral and citrus notes.

Looking for something in all-red or all-white? Check out our other gift sets, including a set of our specialty, Mourvèdre! 

These gift sets are available in our tasting rooms in special gift packaging or shipped with festive packing material. Order by Dec. 14 for Christmas delivery.