Summer Picnic Tips


Living in the upper left of the United States by the rainiest city, you’ll hear any Washingtonian say, “when the sun comes out… so do I”. This speaks volumes for any Seattle summer. The months June to August make the rest of the year completely worth all the cloudy and rainy days. With Summer getting closer and closer, everyone at Eleven Winery is getting ready for picnic season. As food obsessed, wine enthused, summer-lovin’ Happiness Engineers, we also consider ourselves expert picnickers. That being said, we are excited to share our tips and tricks for the perfect summer picnic!


Packaging Essentials:

  1. First, you’ll need a proper picnic basket or tote to carry all the goods: Bring your Eleven wine tote or choose a basket lined with fabric.  One of these will make a total difference when preparing for a perfect summer afternoon.
  2. Durable wine glasses!: Hauling your expensive glassware is a dangerous game while heading to a beach or park. Purchase some silicone UNBREAKABLE wine glasses that will last you all summer long!
  3. Be environmentally friendly:
    • Reuse jam jars for all your snacks,
    • Thermos flask for ice so you can chill your drinks on the go!
    • Bring plates and cutlery from home.
  4. Picnics are messy!: Make sure to bring wipes and a trash bag so you can stay clean while leaving no trash behind!
  5. Pack throw pillows! A pillow or two will help to create cushy seating options. You’ll definitely want something soft to relax against while lounging in the sun.

What to EAT:

  1. Anything on skewers:
    • Melon, ham, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, artichokes, and more!
  2. Finger Sandwiches:
    • Cucumber-Lox-Cream Cheese
    • Cucumber- Cream Cheese
    • Egg Salad
    • Ham and Cheese
    • Turkey -Apple
  3. Bite-sized fruit:

    • Strawberries, cherries, pineapple, apple slices,  and grapes.
  4. Cheese and crackers:
    • Brie, goat cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Mozzarella, and more!
  5. Jelly and Jam:
    • Pepper Jelly pairs brilliantly with soft cheeses and crackers.
    • Fig jam will add a burst of sweetness.
  6. Nuts:
    • Peanuts, almonds, pistachios, or cashews will add a nice crunch!
  7. Olives and Antipasto
  8. Sushi:
    • Though sushi is not your typical picnic go-to, it’s perfectly portable and easy to eat and made fresh every day at Town & Country!
  9. Fresh-Baked Flatbread
    • Town & Country makes any flatbread pizza to order in their woodfired oven!
  10. Chocolates: This speaks for itself.

What to DRINK:

We have an award-winning lineup of different wines to bring on your summer picnic! Anything from our reds, whites, rosé, to dessert wine will bring the party to life- it’s all based on your wine preference!

  1. White Wines:
    • 2018 La Donella – Our Sauvignon Blanc has a delicate, complex nose of pear, granny smith apple, lemon blossom, straw, sage, and eucalyptus. The light brightness of the nose is delightful but is also a bit of a decoy, for the wine itself is intense and full-bodied.
    • 2017 Pinot Grigio – delightful bright gold wine is lively, fresh and full of fruit, like an elementary-school field trip to an orchard at harvest time. The nose is packed with ripe peaches, melon, pear and orange blossom, with hints of vanilla and caramel. In the mouth, the peach and melon flavors continue and are joined by alpine strawberries, sage, and candy corn.
    • 2017 Ratio: Blanco – Our signature white blend of Viognier (55%) and Sauvignon Blanc (44%), with just a touch of Pinot Grigio. It is bright, fruity and refreshing, with a marvelous aroma combining floral and citrus notes.
    • 2017 Viognier – This lovely glass of sunshine will have you thinking that summer has come early, no matter the weather outside. Complexity in the nose is a hallmark of Viognier, and this one has it in spades: pineapple and lemongrass with creamy overtones, plus florals: honeysuckle and other white flowers, with just a hint of plumeria. The refreshing crispness is easy to quaff, with enticing flavors of ripe pineapple, white peaches, and nectarines, with a faintly floral finish.
  2. Red Wines:
    • 2016 La Ronde -Fruit and florals launch out of the glass of this remarkably aromatic red: cherries, strawberries, vanilla, night-blooming jasmine, guitar mahogany, and rosewood – it is a symphony for the nose. The light, bright aromas belie the complexity and richness in the glass.
    • 2017 Ratio: Rosso – Our signature red blend of Lemberger (44%), Mourvèdre (33%), Syrah (22%), with just a hint of Viognier is lively and appealing. With hints of dark fruits that mingle with a touch of herb, like a warm breeze blowing through the vineyard just before the harvest begins.
  3. Rosé:
    • 2018 La Primavera – Our dry rosé invites you to frolic in the summer sun. With notes of cherry blossoms, you’ll feel right at home at your picnic. What picnic is complete without our la Primavera?
  4. Dessert Wine:
    • 2014 Angelica – Our Angelica is a port-style dessert wine (you read that right – it’s a white port) that was aged in barrels for 4 years! Flavors of honey, fig, golden raisin, caramel apple, and candied pear will delight you. If you’re gonna drink some dessert wine in the hot summer sun, this is the one for you!

WHO to Bring:

  • Your Best Friends: “A good friend brings over a bottle of wine. A best friend brings two and a picnic”
  • Your Family: Picnics and wine represent sharing a good time and a celebration of life. It is always around happy occasions with family and centered around joy. What better things to be involved in something that represents all these things.
  • A Date: A picnic is a great way to break the ice. Also, did we mention it’s incredibly romantic?
  • Someone you just met in our tasting rooms!: With great wine, comes great friendships. There is something truly special about making new friends while sampling different wines. In our tasting rooms, we pride ourselves on creating a fun and friendly environment to meet new people. You could your new best friend in downtown Winslow, all you gotta do is show up!



Regardless of what or who you bring along with you on your picnic, sharing a meal with the people who you love the most make it all worthwhile. With this extensive guide, you’ll be prepared to share a wonderful meal and a bottle (or two) of Eleven wine under the sun. Our Happiness Engineers look forward to seeing you in our tasting rooms to help you find your ideal picnic bottle. We can’t wait to spend the summer days with you and everyone you love.