Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year that kicks off the holiday season! The pacific northwest is filled with amazing flavors and fresh ingredients to fill your kitchen and your bellies! At Eleven Winery, we have a number of different wines to offer everyone! Wine is so subjective and everyone has their own preferences on what they like to drink. With thanksgiving being a meal full of different dishes, everyone at Eleven thought we should share with you what we would pair with our own dinner!



When I started Eleven back in 2003, one of the wines I wanted to make was pinot grigio. I couldn’t find any in Washington that I really liked, so I sourced some from Oregon, and continued to make wine from those grapes for many years.

In 2009 I started working with Sugarloaf Vineyard in the Yakima Valley and discovered that they had a special site for a small block of grigio.

Washington is not known as Pinot country, but it can thrive in special nooks and crannies around the state, and this site is one of those.  A refreshing, easy-drinking white with loads of pear and melon flavors, our pinot grigio goes great with the mild flavors of a traditional Thanksgiving meal. It’s what I’ll be drinking, for sure.


My family’s Thanksgiving always starts with a cheese plate, football, and a glass of Viognier-O. The Viognier-O not only pairs perfectly with aged cheddar cheese, it also matches my table setting with its lovely seasonal orange color.

Fermented in contact with the skins in the red-wine style, our Viognier has the texture and tannin, depth and height that you typically find in red wines. This rarely made ancient style is known as “orange wine”, named for the unusual color it imparts.
But, feel free to call it pumpkin wine on Thanksgiving!
Our Angelica is a port-style dessert wine (you read that right- it’s white port) that was aged barrels for 4 years! Flavors of honey, fig, golden raisin, caramel apple, and candied pear will delight you. This is a perfect wine to pair with apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, or really any dessert you intend on having on your table this Thanksgiving!


As the first snow falls, the BBQs of summer fade away and the wines that accompanied them take on a new fireside light. One of my favorite memories is opening our Ratio:Rosso to celebrate the finale of a favorite T.V. show and pairing it with lamb kebabs!

Made from a sublime blend of Mourvèdre, Lemberger, Syrah, and Viognier grapes, this wine is a spicy, complex red with lush fruit characteristics. Ready to grace your Thanksgiving table, or a lamb roast or even a fall risotto, this Ratio Rosso is my go-to holiday (party) wine!


When I think of Thanksgiving, I always crave a deep, bold, flavorful glass red wine. Red wine always has the ability to warm me up from the inside out, especially our Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. Especially for a holiday filled with friends and family, why not whip out a bottle of our Cab Sav to impress all your dinner guests?

“Intensity. Purity. Purpose. These are all the hallmarks of the Cabernet. The nose contains black raspberry and bittersweet cocoa aromas at first, and over time opens to reveal plums and additional fruits. Flavors of sage, cola, and hints of caramel, and orange peel are all woven into the black fruit base.”



There are so many different options of wine pairings that are offered at our winery! What will be your wine of choice this holiday season???