ValenWine’s Day

Whether you are celebrating GALentines day, Valentine’s Day or not partaking at all…Whatever way you choose to spend February 14th, Eleven Winery is here for some serious ValenWine’s Day inspiration.

Planning a date night can be hard enough, but by adding  the pressure of Valentine’s Day and the date night idea “writers block” can become a serious problem. Have no fear, Eleven Winery is here for you. Below we have made a list of ideas (…and pairings of course) to make the day that much more special.

  1. Wine Tasting! Plan a day of wine tasting at all 7 wineries on Bainbridge Island. That’s right.. there are SEVEN. That being said you might want to arrange a special driver for the day. Wine tasting is a super fun way to spend a day, especially ValenWines Day nonetheless! Pop into our tasting room on Winslow to raise a glass for the special occasion. We celebrate all dimensions of Valentine’s Day, so there is an extra special reason to come hang out with our Happiness Engineers on February 14th!
  2. A Themed Dinner and Movie Night at Home! Watching  Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone fall in love in La La Land is so much more exciting with a bottle of our Bubbly or Syrah Prima Donna (Club Members take notes!!) paired with pork chops and pear salad.
  3. Have a day of total indulgence by stocking up on some fresh fudge from BonBon Candies right on Winslow way, booking a spa day at Renew and grabbing a bottle of Bubbly from our tasting room! There is truly nothing better than Chocolate, Bubbly, and a back massage!
  4. Staycation! Forget the hotels and book yourself an Airbnb right on Bainbridge Island! It’s the perfect way to escape the every day stresses that even live within your own home. Pair the evening with our flagship blends Ratio:Rosso and Ratio:Blanco with a pizza from Bene Pizza. Trust us, you (and your significant other) will love the idea.
  5. Astrology Fix! Plan a picnic under the stars (if weather permits) on any of the public docks around the Island.. A bottle of our 2017 Pinot Grigio pairs brilliantly with a cheese and charcuterie plate! Bring plenty  blankets too and remember to bundle up. We know it’s February, but there is something so romantic about stargazing.
  6. Dance the night away! Slow dance to the song L.O.V.E by Nat King Cole Trio or jam out to some of your favorites! Either way, pair your moves with a bottle of La Diavola (The She-devil) and it’ll bring out the confident dancer from within !

There you have it! Six simple yet amazing ValenWine’s Day ideas made possible by our winemakers and happiness engineers! At the end of the day there is nothing better than GREAT WINE. So, make sure to spend your ValenWine’s Day with Eleven and you (and your loved one) will have a date you won’t forget!