Eleven has two locations for you to visit: our tasting room is an easy walk from the ferry on Bainbridge Island in the charming village of Winslow (open daily), and the winery is located five miles up the road (open weekends). Our Winslow Way tasting room is located right in the heart of the shopping district. As an added bonus, there are two other local winery tasting rooms in the immediate vicinity. We offer a sampling of five wines. The five wines are chosen by you from our menu of approximately ten current releases, including white, red, rose and dessert wines.


Winslow Tasting Room – open 12-6pm daily for bottle sales and curbside pick-up only
287 Winslow Way East, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Winery Location - open 12pm-8pm
7671 NE Day Road, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Holiday Closures and Openings
Winslow Way tasting room open Memorial Day and Labor Day. Winery tasting room closed Memorial Day and Labor Day. Both locations closed Thanksgiving Day. Tasting rooms open Thanksgiving weekend. Closed at 3 pm Christmas Eve, closed Christmas Day and New Years Day.



There are lots of great ways to visit the island.  No matter how you come or how long you stay you'll find plenty to do.  For example you can:

-        walk on the ferry from Seattle: our tasting room on Winslow Way opens at 1 pm on weekdays, noon on weekends, so if you arrive before that you can grab breakfast or brunch at the Streamliner Diner or one of the great crèpe restaurants downtown.  After visiting our tasting room (and maybe one or two others), you might check out the Historical Museum (did you know the largest sawmill in the world was once located on Bainbridge Island?) or take a stroll along the waterfront trail before choosing someplace great for dinner.

-        drive over for the day: if you're coming on a weekend, you can visit our winery location and enjoy some live music while you're there.  We definitely recommend coming over early, though, and checking out the Bloedel Reserve gardens.  Rated one of the top gardens in the country, this former estate is a magical oasis, and is located not far from the winery.  Head out to a couple more of the other wineries after you've been to Eleven (be sure to stop at the New Rose Café for some lunch first) and then find a nice beach to relax and enjoy.

-        stay for the weekend: there are loads of cute and interesting B&B's on Bainbridge, as well as a few hotels and plenty of AirBNB's.  If you stay for the whole weekend, you'll have enough time to visit all of the wineries on the island as well as the ideas above, and maybe even take in a movie or a show at Bainbridge Performing Arts.  One tip: if you are taking a car back to Seattle on a Sunday during the summer, plan on having dinner on the island.  There is often an hour or so wait for the ferry on Sunday afternoon during peak months – a perfect excuse to extend your stay for another great meal.

You will find all the information you need about everything we mention (and more) at


There are seven small wineries on Bainbridge Island, which together form the Winery Alliance of Bainbridge Island. You can spend a day or even a weekend exploring them all. Along Winslow Way, where our tasting room is located, you'll find two other tasting rooms featuring wines from three wineries. If you have a car and are visiting on a weekend, you will find several winery locations open for tours, and one weekend a month all of the wineries will be open. You can find all the details at We’re all in this crazy business together and our goal is to make your visit to Bainbridge and your wine tasting experience fun and memorable.


Bainbridge has a bounty of wonderful places to eat. From cozy neighborhood cafés to great bakeries to brewpubs and cutting-edge restaurants, you will find new places to try every time you visit. Most of the restaurants are located in town, but you'll also find Rolling Bay Cafe in Rolling Bay, the New Rose Cafe at Bainbridge Gardens, and several fun places in Lynwood Center, so if you're riding your bicycle (or one you rented) around the island, you can keep yourself fueled up between wine tastings. You will find a complete listing of dining options at, and of course Yelp ( is good for reviews.


There are loads of cute and interesting B&B's on Bainbridge, as well as a few hotels and plenty of AirBNB's. Check out and for listings. Places do tend to book up in the summertime, so it's good to plan ahead. Just off the island is the Clearwater Creek Casino Resort, which features a larger hotel.


Bainbridge is known for the Bloedel Reserve (, a variety of gentle hiking trails (, and a diverse selection of beaches with mountain views in every direction (though our favorite is Hawley Cove Park (, where you can watch the ferry come and go while enjoying the sunshine from a sheltered cove). Beyond the outdoor attractions, there are fun galleries and shops, a bicycle shop/museum, the history museum, and so much more. is a great resource for learning about all the island has to offer.