Want more great wine fun? Join our wine club! Not only do you get a 20% discount on all of your wine purchases, you get lots of other fun stuff as well, like free tastings for you and your friends whenever you visit. You’ll also be invited to special members-only events, like our club release parties, and our annual wine club party. How do you qualify for all of these benefits? By signing up to receive 3 bottles of new and upcoming releases four times a year (at 20% off of the regular price).

That’s 12 bottles total. Do you drink 12 bottles of wine in a year? Of course you do. Thereafter your membership will continue automatically for as long as you would like. There is no cost to join, and your 20% discount kicks in immediately, even if you are joining online. A pre-paid gift membership to the wine club makes an amazing present that lasts all year. Ready to join? Sign up below!

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WHAT IS IN THE SHIPMENTS? (and other details)

Most shipments include a red wine and a white wine, though we do have options for people who prefer only red or only white. The wines are chosen by the winemaker and are either new or upcoming releases. Once a year or so we may include one of our amazing dessert wines – though you can opt out of receiving any dessert wines as well. If you like, you can choose to receive three bottles of each wine instead of just one. The average price of the 3-bottle clubs range from $80 for the red-wine-only-club to $60 for the white-wine-only club per release. Our most popular club the 3-bottle red & white-wine-club averages $75 per release.

If you live nearby, you are welcome to come and pick up your wines, but if you live further away we are happy to ship them to you via UPS. If you do have your wine shipped, there just needs to be someone 21 or over available to sign for it when it arrives – so a business address is often best. Due to state laws and permitting requirements restricting shipping, club membership is currently not available to residents of: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Utah.


Waived tastings for you & up to 3 friends when
you visit our winery or tasting room.
Priority access to limited availability wines. 20% discount on all your wine purchases. Access to exclusive members-only wines. Member prices on reserve tastings.

Nine bottles of wine chosen by our winemaker four times a year at 20% off the regular price.

Six bottles of wine chosen by our winemaker four times a year at 20% off the regular price.